A Word From Jeff Mitchell- Social Media Director, Sons of Ben #2

On March 25th 2010 the Philadelphia Union played their very first MLS match.  If you are like me sometimes you get so wrapped up in the small details you forget to step back and take a look at the big picture.  Five years ago I was not a member of the Sons of Ben or a Philadelphia Union season ticket holder.  Five years ago I was just a guy who had purchased a ticket to the first ever home match and was tuning in to see what this Philadelphia Union team was all about.  Five years later I am a Sons of Ben Board Member who has served for four years as the Social Media Director and has been a season ticket holder since April 11th 2010.  Being so involved in the Sons of Ben and Philadelphia Union community for so long sometimes makes me take for granted how amazing this whole story is and how far we’ve come from a couple of guys who decided on January 17th 2007 that it was ridiculous that there was no MLS team in one of the greatest sports towns in the world.  On June 10th 2015 Philadelphia will finally get to see that story on the big screen thanks to the Rothbury Road Productions’ Sons of Ben Movie. 

This Supporters Group has been through a lot together in the last eight years.  We’ve had ups and downs. We’ve had births and deaths. We’ve had wins and losses, but through it all we’ve never lost faith. We live and breathe the motto Ad Finem Fidelis every single day.  “Faithful to the End” is not some empty platitude or silly hash tag.  Ad Finem Fidelis has become a way of life. No matter what is happening on the field, in the stands or on social media I look forward to putting on my colors and standing shoulder to should with my Wife Rachel, Son Benjamin Franklin, and 18,500 of my closest friends singing for 11 guys who have become more than players on my team.  In the words of our dearly departed brother Eric Shertz, "I know anytime I’m here, I’m with my family.”  Let’s Go Supporting!

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