SoB Full Memberships Now Open

We're starting to accept applications for full memberships for the 2010 season. Membership will cost $30 and includes a number of benefits. h Why should I join?

Besides the fact that you'll be giving your support to the greatest supporters' club ever, there are a number of benefits:

  • Ability to purchase seats in the supporters' section - Only full members of team-recognized supporters' groups (of which we are currently the only one) may purchase seats in The River End.
  • Discounts on pre-game tailgates and road trips.
  • We're also working on a few other ideas, including member-exclusive events with Union players and staff and discounts at businesses
  • SoB member-exclusive shirt. The people who sign up now will be getting not a t-shirt but an actual printed SoB soccer jersey (like the Barra Brava and Screaming Eagles have, if you're familiar). This itself easily pays for the membership.

Where does the money go?

Since we're a registered 501(c)(3) with a fully volunteer staff you can be assured that all the money collected goes to where it's needed. A portion of it goes to cover the costs of the jersey and your membership card, and the rest will go to things we need to be a successful supporters' club - banners, flags, grills, coolers, tents, etc.

Why should I sign up now?

Seat selection is occurring soon, and to be in the SoB section in the River End you need to have signed up. You'll also be assured of getting one of the awesome SoB jerseys.

What if I don't want to/can't pay right now?

You can still be an associate and receive the SoB newsletter. If you already get the Almanack you don't need to do anything else.

I'm getting two season tickets for myself and (insert other person/people here). Do they need to be a member?

Only the season ticket account holder needs to be a member. However, if they join they'll also get a jersey and the tailgate discount, etc.

If I choose to have it shipped, when will I get it?

Probably around the beginning of the season still. It's going to take time to do all the membership cards, get the jerseys made, etc. This option is mostly for out-of-town people who won't be making it to a tailgate. As soon as things are available we'll have them at any practical preseason events as well.

If there's any other questions, please ask them here and we'll gladly answer them. This is a soft rollout in advance of a special 'nack coming next week.