An introduction to the new web developer

Hey everyone!
My name is Ryan and I am here to help take over a lot of the website work from Jon as he moves on to his new SoB and Phang-related projects in 2019. I wanted to drop a quick post to let you know how to get a hold of me while I learn the ins and outs of things on here. I’ve been a programmer/developer for over 20 years and I’m looking to help use some of that experience to make things easier for everyone. You can find me in person at tailgates or in the River End, but if you need to reach me, your fastest option is to tweet me at @SenseiHitokiri or email me at Yes, it’s a weird name. Yes, I made it when I was young. The U now have players that are younger than my screen name. All that aside, I will be taking some time over the next few weeks going through this site and updating things for the upcoming season. If you come across something inaccurate or have an idea for a new feature that would help you find some more value in our site, don’t hesitate to reach out! I spend more hours at a computer than anyone has deemed healthy so I should see it pretty quickly.

Take care, stay tuned, and cheers to a great season!

- Ryan

Ryan Hargrove4 Comments