2015 Board Elections

We are pleased to announce that voting for the Sons of Ben 2015 Leadership Board is about to begin!

Voting will open at 8am on Friday, November 14th and conclude at 8pm on Friday, November 21st.

All paid members for 2014 will receive an email ballot from the website managing the balloting, BallotBoxOnline.com.  If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder.  Voters will create a password, and then be able to vote for either 1 or 2 new Board members (no blank ballots, member bios are below).  The votes will be tabulated and three Poll Officers will have access to the results.  Those officers are SoB President Kenny Hanson, SoB Membership Director Monica Herzog, and SoB Membership/Feedback Coordinator Tim Sosar. The results will be announced shortly thereafter.

In the event of a tie, the Board officers who will not be voting in the general election will cast their votes to settle the tie in a Run Off election.  There will be seven non-general voting Board members, so as to ensure there is a final winner.  That vote will be held immediately after the conclusion of the general vote.

The ballot will be smart phone-friendly, so you will not need to be at a desktop to vote.  Reminder emails will be sent out to those who have not submitted a ballot by 12pm on Thursday, November 20th.

If there are any questions or problems during the voting process, please contact Tim Sosar at tim.sosar@sonsofben.com or by submitting a Feedback request through www.sonsofben.com/Feedback

Member Bios