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Philadelphian, Beer Drinker, Son of Ben

I joined the Sons of Ben in 2010 we bought our season tickets in section 136 when MLS announced that Philadelphia had been awarded a franchise.  I remember the sense of pride knowing that a group of Fans not multi-millionaire-business people were the reason MLS gave Philadelphia a team.

From the early days sitting in the End-zone of the Linc and the 1st days of The River End (TRE) my friends, family and new friends have stood to support the team, the players and our fellow SoBs.

I too know the importance of giving back to the community a few highlights from my charitable service. 

  • For more than 15 years I have coached volleyball for both Junior Olympic travel teams as well as for local high schools.  I appreciate the values and lessons that are learned by participating in team sports as well as the importance of mentoring our youth.
  • I was a Big Brother for 3 years.  (again seeing the importance of mentoring)
  • For more than 17 years I have volunteered for an organization called Rubye’s Kids.  Rubye’s Kids throws a Holiday party every year for more than 500 underprivileged children in the City of Philadelphia.  The spirit of the event is to show these children the magic of the holiday season and let them know that they are not forgotten and everyone deserves to celebrate the joys of life.  You can learn more at:

I work in marketing and sales and have leveraged some of my personal relationships into helping the Sons of Ben.  I first pursued Yards Brewing to see if they would be interested in partnering up with the Sons of Ben.  Then I reached out to Kenny and the other members of the Board to gauge their interest level and finally brought both the Sons of Ben and Yards together.  The rest is history. 

If elected to the Board of Directors it would be my mission to help the Sons of Ben improve the branding, the game day experience, gain more corporate sponsors, get more pub partners on board and improve the media exposure given to the Sons of Ben.  All while guarding the most important thing…. the spirit of Supporter Culture that makes the Sons of Ben family.

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