Julian Brown Bio

Julian Brown has been a member of the Sons of Ben since the 2011 season.  From the first year, Julian began getting involved, first as a bus captain, and then in 2012 as an unofficial section leader in 139 and 138, with the support of lead capo, Andrew Sherlock.  In 2014, after his hard work and dedication toward getting chants going in those sections, Julian earned an official capo badge.  He worked with fellow Sons of Ben during MLS All Star Week in 2012 to build a playground and field in Chester as part of Major League Soccer’s community outreach initiative. 

Along with being a devoted SoB, Julian helped to revitalize the American Outlaws Philadelphia Chapter as its Vice President.  He was instrumental in locking down a permanent home pub for the chapter, organizing AO Philly’s first ever bus trip to the USMNT’s match at Red Bull Arena, and organizing viewing parties during the 2014 World Cup.  With all of his service to the Sons of Ben and his experience with AO Philly, Julian believes he truly can be an asset to the Sons of Ben if he is elected to the Board.

Trevor Machinia