SoB Board Members 2019 


Matt Gendaszek

Matt joined the Sons of Ben in 2010 when he and his group of friends bought season tickets in section 136 when MLS announced that Philadelphia had been awarded a franchise.  Matt was recently elected to the Board of Directors and hopes to help keep the Sons of Ben growing and becoming the Standard Bearer of all Supporters Groups.

Matt works in marketing and business development for a College Marketing company.  In the past Matt leveraged some of his personal relationships into helping the Sons of Ben.  He first pursued Yards Brewing to see if they would be interested in partnering up with the Sons of Ben.  Then with the help of the current members of the Board brought both the Sons of Ben and Yards together.  The rest is history.  Matt has been both a coach and a volunteer in many non-profits and appreciates and respects the "off-the pitch" work that the Sons of Ben do in the community.


Tim Sosar
Vice President

Tim first got involved with the Sons of Ben when he heard their story and joined the mailing list in 2008. Tim began volunteering with the SoB's in 2011 by helping set up tifo and break down tailgates. He was placed in charge of game day tifo setup in 2012, and in 2013, he joined the Board of Elders as the first Tifo Director. The following season, he took on Member feedback and Public Relations (you may remember him emceeing events). This fall, he became Sons of Ben Vice President. A Union season ticket holder since the inaugural season, Tim has called section 139 his Home Away From Home throughout.


Karen Hill

I’m pleased to be joining the Board of Directors of the Sons of Ben as the Treasurer. I bring nearly two decades of financial management experience in the public sector, with a focus on reporting, planning and performance improvement. I am a licensed CPA in the state of Pennsylvania, have an MBA from Villanova and volunteer for organizations such as the Food Bank of South Jersey and the Campaignfor Working Families in Philadelphia. An avid soccer player since the age of 5, I became a Union season ticket holder in Season 2, after being blown away by the atmosphere created by the Sons of Ben at PPL Park. I hope to bring financial leadership to the Sons of Ben, while supporting a culture of accountability, transparency and integrity.

Jess Gusler.jpg

Jessica Gusler
Travel Director

Jess first got involved with the Son's of Ben in 2011 when she started going to matches with her brother, Bill. She has been volunteering with the SOB's since 2013, helping setup and breakdown tailgates, packing the bus for away trips, and breaking down tifo. More recently, helping with events such as Pints for Pets, Help Kick Hunger, and Stache Bash. Taking her involvement a step further, she was elected to the board this past fall. Match ypu can find her cheering on the boy's in blue, from the front row of 137.



Mollie Suitch
Membership Director

Mollie Suitch has been a fan of the Union since 2010, and was introduced to the Sons of Ben in 2013. She became more involved with the SoB when she started volunteering with tifo painting as well as set up and breakdown. Finding her own Sons of Ben family in section 138, Mollie is now a season ticket holder.

She graduated in 2013 from Arcadia University with a degree in Communications and served as treasure of her class for three consecutive years.  Mollie currently works in marketing and communications and is also a freelance graphic designer and photographer. 

Mollie grew up in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania where she played youth soccer for three years. She was on a team called the Purple People Eaters that once went an entire season without winning a game. The highlight of her soccer career is a series of adorable pictures.


Tifo Director

Soccer was always a big thing in the Bross household. Everyone played and Dad coached. So in 2009 Ryan got his family together to get season tickets for his Dad's birthday. Soon it was June 2010 and Ryan was with his family in section 120, directly across from the River End. By the end of the season, Ryan joined the Sons of Ben. 

The first tifo Ryan was involved in was Zolo Ram, the overhead used for the home opener of the 2011 season. Ryan continued to get more and more involved each season and in 2013 started helping on the capo stand and with tifo setup and break down. Since a rainy US Open match in 2012, Ryan has used his rather large scarf collection to become something of a living tifo, in the form of, what can be best described, as a "scarf skirt". Ryan worked close with Tim Sosar in creating the new tifo used in the 2013 season. Ryan was voted as the new Director of Tifo by the Board in December 2013. 

Ryan grew up in Upper Township, NJ and has a degree in Scientific Illustration from Arcadia University (Glenside, PA). Ryan is the oldest of four and the only one to not play in an international soccer tournament

Krystal Kane
Philanthropy Director

 For her day job, Krystal manages pro bono at a large national law firm, working with nonprofits to help her law firm meet their charitable goals.

Krystal is active in many professional and community organizations, including the Young Friends of the Support Center for Child Advocates and Unite Women, and is a past volunteer with Philadelphia Reads. Krystal has been attending Philadelphia Union matches since 2014, and is a season ticket holder in Section 139.

Krystal is a graduate of Penn State and Drexel Law, and when not supporting the Philadelphia Union, she is an avid fan of Chelsea FC and the USWNT. In addition to watching way too much soccer, she also enjoys beer, comics, and board games.


Sid Macleod
Tailgate Director

Sid has been a loud and proud Sons of Ben member since 2010, where he was known to haunt all visitors from section 133 with The Illegitimates, until finally settling in Section 138 for the past 5 seasons. It was then that his son Benjamin Franklin joined him as a card carrying SOB, and began volunteering. After helping out with occasional gameday chores, he became a member of the Events Committee in 2015, eventually becoming the Magic Beer Elf. 

In the past few years, he has also been a fixture at away matches, supporting the club in hostile territories, in nasty weather, and inconvenient times. No environment is too shitty for Sid to cheer for our boys in blue. 

This season, he has been elected to the newly created Board Member at Large position, where you will be able to find him at most places where more than a handful of SOBs will be gathered. Feel free to contact him if you would like to become more involved with volunteering opportunities.


Marissa Edwards
Member At Large

Marissa has been a season ticket holder for three years, an SOB member for two, and a regular attendee and volunteer at SOB tailgates and events—including marching with the SOB at Pride.

Between cheering on the Boys in Blue and letting the referees know exactly how she feels, the River End is one of Marissa’s favorite places. The SOB has also become an unexpected community, welcoming to all so long as you support the Union.

Marissa hopes to now contribute to the SOB community directly by serving as its Member At Large. Whether helping to plan events or assisting with membership kits—Marissa is excited to jump in where needed to ensure that the needs of current members are being met, while also attracting new members and cultivating new partnerships throughout the region.

Marissa has previously served on the board of Drexel’s OUTLaw and co-chairs both her firm’s Diversity Committee and Social Responsibility Committee. When not working as an attorney, Marissa spends her free time playing board games, hunting for the best Old Fashioned in Philly (recommendations welcome), and hanging out with her dog, Wyatt.


Kirsten Morris
Secretary / Social Media

Hello, my name is Kirsten Morris, I joined the SoB in 2016 and a season ticket holder in 2017. I found out Philly had a soccer team in 2015 ( I know late…) I heard about the SoB and watched the video of how they helped kick off Philly getting a soccer team! I was inspired!

I have a love for photography, gardening, and baking. I love cheering on our Boys in Blue in section 137. I grew up in a small town, Rosenhayn, NJ. I played youth soccer with my dad as my coach, through him is where I found a love for soccer.

I love getting involved with numerous charities runs and I have helped raise over 3K for the MS Society by doing the MuckFest. I currently work for Chelten House Product Inc. as their Production Administrative Associate.


Sons of Ben Board of Elders Policy

1. The Sons of Ben are run by the Board of Elders, who act as board members and officers of the organization. Board members are unpaid volunteers and owe the Sons of Ben all of the legal duties and responsibilities of board members of a nonprofit organization.

2. As of 2012, new Board members have traditionally been chosen and approved by vote of the existing Board. Going forward, the Board will implement elections of the membership to choose Board members. The Board's goal is to hold elections to the Board of Elders in the fall of 2013.

3. Going forward, the goal is to have each Board position filled by two people, with each serving an overlapping two-year term. Under this system, half of the Board will be elected each year, and each position will always have one experienced board member and one person learning the position, ready to take over the next year. The Board or the individual officers may choose whether to act as co-Board members (e.g., co-Travel Directors) or as a Board member and an assistant (e.g., Travel Director and Assistant Travel Director).

4. The current Elder/Officer positions are:

The PRESIDENT and VICE-PRESIDENT coordinate all SoB activities and front office relationships, run SoB meetings, and act as the SoBs' primary liaison with the Union front office.

The TREASURERS manage all financial aspects of the Sons of Ben. This is a highly responsible position, with responsibility for quarterly tax filings, accurate bookkeeping and recordkeeping, budgeting, managing relationships with SoB's outside accountants and financial relationships, and reporting and being responsive to the Board.

The CHIEF CAPOS are responsible for planning and organizing all in-stadium support for home games, including tifo displays, signs and banners, drums and songs.

The TRAVEL DIRECTORS are responsible for organizing road trips to Union games and other out-of-town events, helping individual SoBs who wish to travel to away games, and managing anything that happens outside of PPL Park.

The TAILGATE COORDINATORS plan and execute tailgates at home games, coordinate game day volunteers, manage food and equipment inventory, and work with the Travel Directors and other Board members to provide food for away games and other special events.

The TECHNOLOGY DIRECTORS manage the SoB website; email servers; social networking, and SAAS accounts, and all SoB hardware and software needs.

The COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTORS have primary responsibility for communicating with the SoB membership, by email or otherwise; they also act as the organization's secretary, keeping meeting minutes and records for the Board, keeping the organizational calendar and keeping track of the SoBs' important documents and resources.

The MARKETING DIRECTORS are responsible for managing all of the SoB's commercial relationships, keeping merchandise available, and working with SoB sponsors and partners to make special benefits available to members wherever possible.

The MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORS are responsible for running the annual membership campaign, for promoting SoB membership, and for answering member questions and addressing problems throughout the year.

The CHARITY COORDINATORS are responsible for relationships with the SoB's charity partners and finding new ways to fulfill the SoBs' charitable mission.

5. If a vacancy arises during a Board member's two-year term, the remaining Board members will appoint a replacement if possible. The Board may also remove or replace a Board member for cause and choose at-large Board members to assist the Board as necessary.