A Word From Ryan Bross- Tifo Director, Sons of Ben

This Sunday, 4/19, the Sons of Ben will be unveiling the biggest tifo display we have ever undertaken. It will be more that five times the size of "Our Final Fantasy is Never-ending", the tifo from the USOC Final.

To be able to ensure that this tifo is displayed correctly, we will need some extra help. I am asking for volunteers to stand at the top of each section and make sure the tifo is pulled down that the correct times. It is a simple but very important job. If the timing is off, the whole display will be thrown off. Not only that, the whole group will be on blast from the support groups around the league. And no one wants that. (Did you see ACB's last tifo? It was all twisted up.)

The commitment from you would be to meet me (Ryan) in the breezeway, under 138/137, near the barrier blocking of the player tunnel. You would need to be there no later than away team being announced (~10 mins before the procession). From there you will go to your assigned spots and wait for the unveiling (after the Union Starting XI are announced). After that you are free to do what you do any other game but with satisfaction that you made this massive undertaking possible.

If you would be interested in volunteering please send an email to ryan.bross@sonsofben.com.  

Trevor MachiniaComment