Light (at the end of the tunnel)

Next year around this time, we will be watching very closely, and wondering what players our coach and GM are targeting in the expansion draft. It is hard to believe after 13 seasons wandering in the soccer-less wilderness, that next year’s MLS season is the final one without a Philadelphia team. As we head toward a late November 2009 expansion draft, many of us are still wondering what our team brand will be. Will the colors be the Light Blue and Yellow of the Philadelphia city flag? Will the name be something traditional or something more in line with American sports traditions? Whatever makes up our brand, I think all Philadelphia fans are just hoping the powers that be “get it right”.

It has been a strange year for many of us. So excited to find out that we were getting the exact toy we wanted, only to find out that we couldn’t play with it for two years. Hopefully as the calendar turns, marketing and other news will start making it’s way into the media and we can start firing up the fans for the MLS Draft in January of 2010 and then our home opener on Seaport Drive somewhere in April of 2010.

Also, we’ve been working to enhance the SoB experience. You will see a more dynamic website and you should be preparing to join us in celebrating Founders Day on January 17, 2009.

Ad Finem Fidelis,

The Elders