Remembering Project 60

sobsmalldg4In the beginning of 2007, when we were just getting this thing started. The elders met one night and we discussed what membership goals would be realistic. We hoped that we could get 2 members a day and that this along with some volunteering and good press would lead to some heightened awareness of our existence at League HQ. Our goal was to land a team in time for the 2009 season, though we wouldn’t be bold enough to say that aloud. So Project 60 was born. Why 60? Two reasons, first 2 members a day equals 60 a month. Second, turn 60 upside down, and it is 09, the year we wanted to start. It took us 6 months to reach that level of membership, reaching 360 members on July 11th. Then remarkably, 13 months after we started, and many efforts later, we were awarded a team to start in 2010.

Thanks to all the believers who signed up, especially those who have come out to events and have made Sons of Ben what it is today.