2010 SoB Season Tickets Still Available

Do you have your tickets yet? Sure you are on our mailing list but will you be standing with us on Opening Day next year? Despite what some sites are reporting, tickets are still available for our section, but with only 2,000 seats to start, and currently 4,930 people on our mailing list, you had better act fast.

Maybe some of you are holding off because of fear of the unknown or that dues are going to be unreasonable. I can say with certainty that your season ticket in The River End of Seaport Drive with the Sons of Ben, plus your SoB membership dues, will still have you in the best value in the house.

The reason why Nick is saying that they are sold out is because they are holding seats for all of our members that want to get in before opening it up to random people or other supporters clubs. You may have been on our mailing list since we started in January of 2007 or you may have just joined yesterday, however long you have been receiving emails from us, it is now time to step up and take the next step. Take the step of buying season tickets in The River End. Stand and sing with us for 90 minutes.

Season Tickets can be ordered here or by calling 1-877-21-UNION that’s 1-877-218-6466