The Sons of Ben in: “Zolo: From Dream to Team”

"Zolo: From Dream to Team" is the story of The Sons of Ben and their quest for a Major League Soccer team for the City of Philadelphia. Beginning in 2007 and "Here before the Team", the Sons of Ben made themselves and their mission known to the decision-makers who would bring an MLS team to Philly - the MLS organization, political leaders at the local, county, and state levels, and the investors. Zolo is a tribute to all those who worked tirelessly towards the common goal of bringing a team and a new stadium to Philadelphia and Chester.

Zolo highlights key events throughout the 3-year journey of the SoBs - from "Kick Start Chester" in January 2008 through the Announcement Day (February 2008) and The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new stadium in Chester (December 2008), to "Meet the Manager, Peter Novak" (May 2009) and "Meet the Team" (December 2009).

An essential part of the story is the construction of the stadium itself. Zolo combines key elements of the stadium construction process with the SoB events, all in chronological order. The Sons of Ben and Philadelephia Union fans will celebrate their team and their new ppl park at the first game to be played there on June 27, 2010 ("zolo").

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