Union v. Chivas USA Preview

You know how you sometimes plan something out in your head, really mean to do it, but never quite find the time to sit down and actually execute the task in question? Yeah, sorry for the delay in blogging, fellow SoBs. I blame work. The internet company expects money in exchange for bringing me lolcats and twitter, and burying pennies in the back yard has yet to result in a money tree. Now, looking forward to tomorrow's match, Eduardo Coudet is listed as questionable, and being so close to the end of the season, my gut feeling is that young Amobi will be in the starting eleven. He might not be able to pass a stool in a laxative factory, but you can't deny he's got the work rate to make things difficult for the opposition, and the potential to be a key player in this league. I'd be very surprised if Coudet and Miglioranzi are both around at the start of next season.

Speaking of people who might not be around next season, I expect Chris Seitz to be on the bench again. Brad Knighton has allowed just a single goal in 202 minutes this season, while Seitz was averaging a goal against every 51.5 minutes. My only worry with Brad is his tendency to come out too early, the opposite of Seitz's timidity. In the Chivas Guadalajara friendly, his penchant for agressive keeping nearly gave up an early goal, and we all know what happened against Dallas when he rushed out too early against Brek Shea.

The opposition this week is Chivas USA, who like us, are effectively out of the playoff picture at this point. Their biggest game left is the derby match against the Galaxy next week, so there's a chance Martin Vasquez will be looking past our little ole expansion club and thinking about trying to win that game, and you can't really blame him. Beating the Galaxy would restore some pride to a season that could have gone better for the Goats. Think how much more fondly we'll look back on this inaugural season once we kick the taurine-tainted piss out of that group up I-95 in a  few weeks.

I expect we'll look something like this tomorrow afternoon:




--------------Le Toux--------Mwanga------------

Jack Mac and Nakazawa to come on later, of course. And I think we're good for a win, too. I said as much on my Goal preview. We're rested, and they've got their biggest rivals next week. 2-0 to the mighty Zolos.