SoB Leadership Announcement

An update from the Elders, and a message from co-founder and first SoBPresident Bryan James "After 4 plus years of leading the group from its creation to an internationally known supporters club, it is time for me to step aside. I want to thank you for your friendship and belief that somehow wearing light blue and showing up at league events would eventually lead to the team we now see play every week in a stadium we could have only dreamed of. Leading the Sons of Ben has been an experience of a lifetime for me and I appreciate where we have come from and that we need to push hard to continue to improve every week."

"The time commitment needed to succeed at work has steadily increased over the last year and now I must leave Sons of Ben in the hands of people who have the time to dedicate to our membership and our ownership to ensure that our progress continues. Thanks again for your support."

Bryan will be replaced as President by Vice-President Matt Ansbro. Game day capo Corey Furlan will be taking over Matt's job as Vice-President.

In addition, Kelly Delaney has recently joined the Elders as our Travel Coordinator to help out with planning and organizing away trips. Just as a reminder, we are always looking for volunteers willing to step up and organize events and projects. If you're interested, just reply to this Nack and tell us how you'd like to contribute. If you would like to reach any of us directly, our direct email addresses are linked below.


Matt Ansbro - President Corey Furlan - Vice-President Luigi Corrado - Treasurer Chris Hapka - Director of Membership Mark Dunfee - Director of Communications Brad Youtz - Director of Marketing Lorenzo Rivera - Director of Game Day Operations (External) Mike Naioti - Director at Large Kelly Delaney - Travel Coordinator Bryan James - President Emeritus