A Special Note from SoB VP Corey Furlan


As I take some time to reflect back over the last few months, I would like to take a moment to share with everyone what this group has meant to me personally over the past 6 years. It has been an absolutely incredible journey, filled with many ups and downs. I remember not too long ago, when there was a few of us sitting around at McGillan’s talking about this “dream” to have a soccer team of our own in Philly. Now we stand here 2000+ members strong, after our third season of this dream come true. I would like to thank each and every one of you for helping to make this group what it is today. The Sons of Ben came about at an ideal time for me personally, I was going through a multitude of personal issues and SoB filled a huge hole in my life and helped push me into a positive direction. It gave me something to focus on and helped me learn a lot about myself and what I am capable of. That is something that I will be eternally grateful for. This has truly been a blessing for me and I appreciate each and every one of you who has touched my life in one way or another. The reason that I say that is I would like to ask everyone to look at this group as more than just a supporters group but a family.

I know towards the end of last season, there was a lot of negativity amongst the group and frankly I was super negative as well. I think that a lot of this was due to the frustration that came from the selling of some fan favorites and of course the losing. This negativity caused me personally to be on the brink of walking away from all of this. I was done….burnt out and crispy. After having some time to think about everything, I came to the realization that this is more than winning and losing. This is about being a part of something bigger than oneself. This is about supporting each other even when times are tough. For these reasons, as well all the aforementioned meanings of the Sons of Ben to myself, I would like to challenge myself and all of you individually to make this season the best ever. Win, Lose or Draw…the SoB’s mantra of Ad Finem Fidelis should ring true. Faithful to the End!!

I would like to put out a call to arms for development of committees for Tifo and Capo Crew. I would like to ask people to get involved and make a difference. I look at our group as having the potential for greatness. We are very good at what we do and I want to ask every ones help to make us the BEST!! Stay tuned for the information on how and when to sign up and get involved. Sons of Ben need you to go from good to great! Help us accomplish this mission.

See everyone on March 2nd 2013!!!

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