We've Torn Down The Wall!

It is with great excitement, the Sons of Ben announce the opening of the "SoB Lot" - This new area has parking spaces available for 2015 Sons of Ben members only!  Additionally, we will have a large area for everyone to tailgate together adjacent to the new parking lot (see diagram below).  This area will enable to us to throw tailgates like we did back in the Teber Lot days (NO MORE FENCE!)  There are still several details we are working out before we reveal all the new tailgate details, but this is what we can tell you now:

  • SoB Lot has 250 parking spots.  This lot is designated for 2015 Sons of Ben members ONLY.
  • You must have an SoB Lot Parking Pass or show your SoB membership card if you want to pay to park in this area.
  • The lot will be the same in terms of payment and security as all other lots at PPL Park.  
  • The Sons of Ben will continue to provide food and drink at all tailgates.  Several tailgates this season will be FREE to 2015 Members -  we are still working on those details and will have more info in the next few weeks.
  • You will be able to bring your own food, drink, games, etc. and tailgate anywhere in the SoB lot.  You are only steps away from the SoB tailgate, so feel free to grab a drink and come on over or let us bring everything and sign up to enjoy!

You must follow these steps to exchange your current lot parking pass for your SoB Lot Parking Pass: 

If you have purchased a pre-paid parking pass in Lots A, B or C and you would like to change your parking pass to the SoB Lot – you must do so on or before Friday, January 23rd.  

Contact: Union Fan Services (FanServices@philadelphiaunion.com) and let them know that you would like to make the change. 

Please be sure to include your name, account number, and current lot. 

After the January 23rd deadline passes, you may still be able to make the change, but it will NOT be included in Season Ticket Package – and would have to be made in person prior to the home opener. 

Please keep in mind that these spots are based on first come, first serve availability, so once the lot fills up you will not be able to exchange your pass.  We recommend you make the switch as soon as possible.  If you call and there are no additional spots, the back of Lot C will be the next best option for parking close to the new tailgate area.

Below is a map so you can see there is access to the SoB Lot right off of Highland Avenue.  We expect this to be easier to get out than some of the other lots.  We strongly feel this is going enhance the tailgate experience and will be inclusive for all of our members.

We have so much more to reveal in the next few weeks about the 2015 tailgates!  Should you have questions in the meantime, REMEMBER!  Contact Union Fan Services to switch your parking pass and if you have any questions regarding the SoB tailgates, contact Ami Rivera ami.oristaglio@sonsofben.com OR Kenny Hanson kenny.hanson@sonsofben.com OR @SoBTailgates 

More info coming soon!  

Trevor MachiniaComment