Ami Rivera and Danny Bauder take on new SoB Board positions

It is with great excitement that we announce Ami Rivera will replace her husband, Lorenzo Rivera as Vice President of the Sons of Ben.  Lorenzo stepped down early last week (  

Ami joined the board in 2013 as the Tailgate Coordinator and later in 2013 transitioned to Events Director.  You have most likely seen Ami running around at the SoB tailgates making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.  She has been responsible for making sure the SoB tailgates run over the last several years.  Just recently, Ami was involved in the conversation and negotiation of the new SoB Lot and tailgate area.  Moreover, Ami has always been willing to assist this organization when and where ever there has been a need, which made this an easy decision for the board.  You will continue to see Ami running the SoB tailgates and several other events while we identify someone to take over the day to day management of the tailgates, at which time she will be focusing her time on organizational and partnership development.

Additionally, we will be adding Danny Bauder to the Sons of Ben Executive Board to fill the vacant spot.  Initially, Danny will join as a "Board Member At Large", but is likely to move into a Communications role in the very near future.

Danny Bauder joined the Sons of Ben in 2010 and became a season ticket holder the next year.

Danny has been a United Way volunteer his whole life and has carried that tradition of service into organizing the Northeast Community Civic Association, a registered community organization for his neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia.

In addition to his work in the civic association, Danny serves on the board of Northeast Victim's Services, a non-profit organization that provides restitution and court advocate assistance to the victims of crime in the 2nd, 7th, 8th and 15th police districts of Philadelphia.

Danny has a bachelor's degree in Communications from King's College in Wilkes-Barre, PA where he wrote, directed and produced a series of "late night" style TV shows for the college community.

When Danny's not singing (or screaming) from the last row of 136, he likes to ride his bike in Pennypack Park, play with his Pit Bull mix, Hera or travel with his wife, Frankie. 

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