The 'Nack 11/19/16

Help Kick Hunger

Saturday, December 10th at 7pm

Join us on Saturday, December 10th from 7-10pm at Neshaminy Creek Brewery at our annual food and fundraiser to benefit the Bernardine Center in Chester. Tickets will be on sale soon, and it is an all ages event (there will be a ticket option for those under 21). We will be collecting nonperishable food, we will hold a raffle and auction featuring one of a kind items, team and player signed items, and plenty of other great prizes (if you would like to donate a prize, please email There will be a 50/50 raffle, we will have special guests, and a food truck. Ticket sales and more details will be released soon.

Elders Announcement

While the Union's off-season began earlier than we hoped, it doesn't mean that the SoB world has become docile at all. There are a few changes happening at the SoB Board level. As most of you know, Ami Rivera and Danny Bauder had stepped down from their positions as President and Membership Director, during the season. We again want to thank them for their service to the Board and our members.

We have another departure, Jeffrey Mitchell has stepped down from his role as Vice President. We also want to thank Jeff for his service and hard work to the Board and our members. Before stepping up to serve as VP, Jeff had served as our Social Media Director for several years as well.

We also are proud to announce that after unanimous board votes, Tim Sosar will now serve as Vice President, and Matt Gendaszek will now serve as Director of Merchandise, Partnerships and Branding, and the interim tag has been removed, and Bill Gusler will serve as President. Tim had previously served as a Member/Public Relations Director, Matt had managed our tailgates, and Bill was our Philanthropy Director.

With the changes on the board, there have become a few positions open, and we will hold elections, which means we will be accepting nominations very soon. We are a volunteer group, we need people who are passionate about the Union, the SoBs and what we do, to step up and serve on our board. The positions that will be up for elections will be: Membership Director; Tailgate Director; and Philanthropy Director.

Dear SoB Family, 

After six years of serving the Sons of Ben as a Volunteer, Social Media Director, and Vice President I have decided to step down to spend more time as the Father of Ben.  This is not a goodbye letter.  I plan on being just as active and present at all Philadelphia Union games and Sons of Ben events.  I see this as a chance to hand the reigns to the next generation.  I welcome new blood and new ideas into the SoB.  I am very excited to see who will step up and who will lead us into the 10 year anniversary of the Sons of Ben.  I promise to always be there for every member of the Sons of Ben in any way possible.  I cannot within the confines of this message accurately express how thankful I am for all of you and for your continued love and support. I am truly humbled and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us all.  Last, but not least I want to thank my wife Rachel and my son Benjamin for sacrificing so much of their lives to support me, the Sons of Ben, and the Philadelphia Union.  

Ad Finem Fidelis, 

Jeffrey Mitchell

Membership Renewals 

You will be able to officially renew your SoB soon. When you are renewing your membership, and deciding where to sit, I want to remind you that the River End, is a supporters section. These should not be looked at as the cheap seats, if you are thinking of selecting seats in the River End because it's not as much as other sections, and not because you want to support the team, you don't want to yell, sing, cheer, wave your flag, jump around, smell like smoke, lose your a supporter, than I implore you, do not choose seats in the River End.


We have recently partnered with Rockhound Apparel for new merchandise, and you will see new designs coming from Bark Tees as well. If you have a shirt or scarf design, we are always looking for new ideas, so feel free to contact us.

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