What You’re Voting For: Sons of Ben Board Elections 2017


The Sons of Ben are a new system of Board elections this year.  Instead of electing new members when positions become open, we will be having each Board member come up for re-election on a regular basis.  Each year, you will vote on a group of Board members, which may or may not be filling an open Board position.

We are also re-introducing the At Large member to the Board.  This will allow members to serve on the Board and be able to assist in the running of the organization in a variety of ways.  It will also allow them to gain crucial experience in possibly taking on greater responsibilities in a specific area in the future.

Treasurer will not be one of the positions for which we hold elections.  The Board feels that in consideration of the magnitude of the position, by holding internal Board elections for that position, we can more intensely identify, and vet candidates for the position than we might for an open election.

One of important item of note: the positions of President and Vice President will require that nominees be current Board members with at least two years of Board experience.  That may seem patently unfair and exclusionary, but it comes with the idea that an organization such as ours require individuals at the top of the leadership to be experienced in both a leadership role in general, but also prepared to handle the specific needs and concerns of our group in particular, in addition to maintaining the philosophy and purpose of the Sons of Ben. 

Elections will be held in early December.  The Nomination period will be open until 5pm Eastern on Tuesday, October 31st.  Nominees should be prepared to conduct campaigns and be available to participate in required election processes such as nominee Q & A’s and vetting.

Any questions about the open positions, election process or rules for the election should be directed to Tim Sosar at tim.sosar@sonsofben.com

The Open Positions are described below. Interested members should review carefully and understand that, as with any job, additional duties or tasks may apply.  While many of us serve on the Board in a specific role, we all help each other. 


The President is the general manager of the Sons of Ben and has, subject to the control of the Board, general supervision, direction and control of the business, activities and officers of the Sons of Ben.  The President has the general powers and duties of management usually vested in the office of president and general manager of a non-profit, and such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board

Specifically to the Sons of Ben, the President will ensure and champion the furtherance of the group’s mission and organizational culture in all of its activities both on and off game days, maintain sound and compliance financial practices and general risk management, serve as primary liaison to the Philadelphia Union, and support the Board members in their responsibilities and efforts in leading the Sons of Ben, both in The River End and the community at large.


The Tifo Director will oversee the creation, development, and implementation of SoB Tifo, including, but not limited to, banners, signs, posters, songs and chants and other game day displays. The Tifo Director will serve as the head of the Game Day committee and will be responsible for organization and ongoing direction of the committee. The Director will designate appropriate support in their absence. The Tifo Director may produce Tifo for other groups and organizations outside the SoB and the discretion of the President. 


The Travel/Roadtrips Director will arrange and oversee Sons of Ben away match trips and ticketing.  They will work with the opposing Ticket Offices on pricing and related details, and participate in conference calls regarding security details. They will schedule bus trips, arrange pricing, arrange for food, beverage and entertainment and coordinate check in and ticket distribution. 


The Tailgate Director will oversee the planning, preparation and delivery of SoB game day Tailgates, for both Home and Away matches. The Director will operate within their budget to ensure that ample food and beverage options are available for fans of all ages. The Tailgate Director will participate on the Events committee as support but is not required to lead the committee.


The Philanthropy Director will oversee all philanthropic efforts by the SoB’s both in and out of season, at the stadium or elsewhere in the Philadelphia/Chester area communities. The Director will engage charitable organizations to develop events (primarily: Stache Bash, Pints Fur Pets and Help Kick Hunger), work with the Events committee to organize logistics and carry out the events, and arrange promotion with the Social/Media Director or Secretary. The Director will secure donations for raffles and will report proceeds to the Board.

Member At Large

The Board Member At Large will be a general member of the Board, responsible for supporting designated Board positions and accepting specific responsibilities issued by the President or Vice President. The At Large Member will be on both the Events and Game Day committees and available to assist in matters related to those committees. In the event that an existing designated Board member leaves their position prior to the end of their term, the At Large Member May serve in that role as an interim, but would still maintain At Large status.



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