2019 SoB Board Elections

As you may know, Election season is upon us and it’s time to get ready to elect members to the Board of Directors. Nominations for the below positions are still open and will be through October 2nd. If you are interested in any of these positions, please email VP Tim Sosar at tim.sosar@sonsofben.com or info@sonsofben.com

Vice President

The Vice President will be second in charge of the entirety of the organization and will support the President in all matters. The VP will additionally support other Board members and Committees in execution of their roles. The VP will handle decision making and conduct Board meetings in the absence of the President. The VP will be responsible for either responding to inquiries and requests made through the Feedback link at sonsofben.com and will act as a spokesperson for the organization in the absence or at the request of the President. The VP will assist in the development of partnerships and other areas that will support and help grow the organization.


The Tifo Director will oversee the creation, development, and implementation of SoB Tifo, including, but not limited to, banners, signs, posters, songs and chants and other game day displays. The Tifo Director will serve as the head of the Gameday committee and will be responsible for organization and ongoing direction of the committee. The Director will designate appropriate support in their absence. The Tifo Director may produce Tifo for other groups and organizations outside the SoB and the discretion of the President.


The Philanthropy Director will be responsible for philanthropic efforts of the organization. The Philanthropy Director will schedule and oversee all arrangements for philanthropic events either sponsored by, or attended by the organization, The Philanthropy Director will arrange for proper handling and distribution of donations, both monetary and specific items that will be used for raffles, auctions, or other types of sales. The Philanthropy Director will keep detailed records and will be able to provide receipts to donors upon request.


The Travel Director will be responsible for arranging supporter section ticket sales and organizing road trips to away matches. The Travel Director will participate in security calls with MLS, the Union and officials from opposing teams as required. The Travel Director will respond to inquiries regarding away matches and will support members who represent the organization at those matches. The Travel Director is expected to oversee road trips in person, or in their absence, assign a delegate at the consent of the President/Vice President. The Travel Director is responsible for handling funds, and ensuring the proper handling and reporting to the Treasurer.


The Tailgate Director will oversee the planning, preparation and delivery of SoB gameday Tailgates, for both Home and Away matches. The Director will ensure that ample food and beverage options are available for fans of all ages and will designate an appropriate support in their absence. The Tailgate Director will be responsible for the proper handling of funds that are received through cash payments and will report all such monies to the Treasurer.