Stache Bash 2014


The 2014 Stache Bash was a huge success and benefitted the Jessie Miele Fund and St. Baldrick’s. It’s our annual home opener tailgate fundraiser. Through the tailgate proceeds, raffles, Stache Bash shirt from Bark Tees, and donations in general, we raised over $3,800! St. Baldrick’s and Fado had a head shaving event in Philadelphia the day following Stache Bash where we had several members represent for Team Sons of Ben – including the Union’s own Zach MacMath! And if you were lucky enough to see it, Jeffrey Mitchell was featured on Fox 29’s morning show, having his head shaved for the cause. We want to thank the other members of Team SoB – Steven Dreibelbis, Scott McVeigh, Fran Ehly, Dante S, Erick Jusino and Kevin Leech. Collectively, Team SoB raised $6,178 for St. Baldrick’s – which was the second highest fundraising total by any group in Philadelphia!

Ryan HargroveComment