SoB Game Day Committees

The Sons of Ben have established a pair of committees, Events and Game Day. They will include SoB members who won't just be volunteers, they will have active roles in both what the committees do, and how they do it.

The Events Committee will handle tailgates, road trips and special events. The Game Day Committee will include tifo and capos. Both committees will work closely with the Board to continue our ongoing Anniversary celebration and develop new ideas and possible traditions that we hope will carry us into another 10 years.

By being involved in a Committee, a member will meet regularly with the Directors for planning, be available to participate in the activities planned, have individual responsibilities assigned to them, and have a voice in how the committees get things done. Again, they would not simply be volunteering or "helping out", they would have a formal, ongoing and active role in the operations of the Sons of Ben.

We are very pleased to announce the members of each committee:

Events: Meg Torpey, Heather Reppert, David Peart, Jessica Gusler, Sid MacLeod and Frankie Sorrentino

Game Day: Trevor Machinia, Rob Migliaccio, Kenny Hanson, Erick Jusino, Paul Ethridge and Mike Petrocelli

We hope that by adding these committees, we will be expanding the sphere on influence in the group, increase opportunities for involvement, and make the Sons of Ben as great a group as it possibly can be."

Jon LightComment