The 'Nack 2.15.17

Rockhound Apparel

The Rockhound Apparel 10th Anniversary presale has begun! This is a one time run so don't miss out! Use promo code TAILGATE to pick up your gear at the first home game SOB tailgate on March 11th.

Scarf of the Month Club


Brand new SoB "Scarf of the Month" Club! SMC tickets will go on sale this Friday at 11am HERE

We will ship a new scarf at the start of the month, for each of the eight regular season MLS months, we will send a new, one of a kind, never to be released the same again scarf to the first 100 SoB members who sign up. Each membership will cost $160 ($20 per scarf), and will include shipping to the continental US. We have several designers attributing to the designs, so you will get several different styles - you won't be disappointed! Once we sell 100 scarf tickets, the sales will close and you won't be able to buy these 8 scarves again. 


The Sons of Ben are looking for an indoor painting location!  During the cold months or on rainy days we need and indoor space to make our tifo. Any members who have a warehouse or something similar in the Philadelphia area and are willing to let us use it please contact


Membership Renewals 

Purchase your Sons of Ben membership today! $30 to renew and $35 for new members. We can only guarantee full membership kits to the first 2,000 people who sign up, so purchase yours today!  

Click HERE to purchase a 2017 membership!

When you are renewing your membership, and deciding where to sit, I want to remind you that the River End, is a supporters section. These should not be looked at as the cheap seats, if you are thinking of selecting seats in the River End because it's not as much as other sections, and not because you want to support the team, you don't want to yell, sing, cheer, wave your flag, jump around, smell like smoke, lose your a supporter, than I implore you, do not choose seats in the River End.


SoB Roadtrips

Away match tickets are now available! Purchase yours today:

March 18 @ Orlando City SC- Click HERE for tickets
April 1 @ DC United- Click HERE for tickets
May 13 @ DC United- Click HERE for tickets

Mark your calendars for these bus trips!
June 3 @ NYCFC
September 17 @ NJ Red Bull
September 27 @ Atlanta United (Not a bus trip, but we will manage match tickets, provide the tailgate, and set up a block of rooms)

Foot-golf League

We are organizing a Sons of Ben Foot Golf league for this summer.  We would play at Juniata Golf Club in NE Philadelphia.  We'll play late may- early June on a week night.  Most likely Tuesday or Thursday evening.  The cost without carts is $15/ player/ week with an option for a cheap hot dog and drink.  

Please email Brad Youtz for any additional info and let him know which weeknight would work best for you. Email:

Not exactly sure what Foot golf is?  Check out this clip on You Tube:

Sons of Ben's MLS Tour coming soon!

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